Friday, January 12, 2007

magic markers

installation is now complete for stones #1-10 and #12. pictures are below. yesterday, we had a wrap-up meeting to close out this phase of the project. gavin schrock, guy michelson, jon jainga, kim baker, and i met to review details and make plans for the installation of stone #11 (autumn 2007). we stayed on track through most of the meeting, but then drifted into musings on names for the artwork that are a little more zesty than "sightline: standing stones" (boring). my favorite was "magic markers". :) so..below are some images of the completed work with a title below, to try on for size. feel free to send me an email to cast your vote...or if you have any suggestions for a name, i would love to hear your thoughts.







Friday, January 05, 2007

dawn 'till dusk

it was a long day out in the wind and rain today. i'm not going to write much more except that it pleases me to no end to report that all eleven stones are now installed (the final stone will be installed in autumn 2008). our next work day will be tuesday, 09 JAN 07. we will finish grading and landscaping at that time. here are some shots from today:

7:30 - eric and maestro set stone #8

9:20 - stone #8-9 across the great meadow

10:05 - excavation for stone #12 on the sports meadow

14:19 - backfilling stone #7

15:08 - final grading - stones #1-4

17: 19 - maestro calls it a day

Thursday, January 04, 2007

mission impossible?

i can honestly say that i didn't think it could be done. i didn't really think that the eye holes would line up. a series of 1,200 lbs. stones, each with a 2" eye hole, in such perfect alignment that one can peer through the stones, over the course of one kilometer end to end??? the holes were drilled in china. the footings were cast in renton. the survey was done two weeks ago and the site here in seattle is a soggy mess. with so many variables, i didn't think we had a chance at nailing the sightline, but maestro, eric, and brian made a believer out of me today. with a little jostling, shimming, nudging, and prodding, stones #1-6 are aligned, sealed and set. one can sight clear through from ten feet away or more. i am awed and amazed.

tomorrow we plan to set stones #7-9, excavate/install #12, and begin backfilling. all is on schedule. here are some pictures:

epoxy applied to rod supports

stone #1 lowered onto rod supports


maestro takes a look...

nudge, shim, shim, nudge...

maestro takes another look...

the view through stones #1-#6

brian sets rebar for the concrete collar.

so far so good

the crew made great progress today. stones #1-6 are aligned and in place. i spent most of the morning coating exposed surfaces with anti-graffiti sealant while eric, brian, and maestro set the stones and aligned the eye holes. here are some pictures, beginning with yesterday's installation of stone #10 at the 150 marker:

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

install schedule

here's the schedule for baseline installation this week. i will take delivery of the stone sometime later this morning. attached is a map of where we will be working...if you are in the area, come on by!

WED 03 JAN - survey for stone #12/stones delivered/offloaded morning/install afternoon
THU 04 JAN - install
FRI 05 JAN - install/final pour
MON 08 JAN - landscaping/finish work
THU 11 JAN - wrap-up meeting