Wednesday, August 09, 2006


it seems that this project has acquired a new nickname thanks to our local surveyors -- linehenge. this was revealed to me by project advisor and surveyor, gavin schrock. gavin was recently featured in our local newspaper for providing data and information used to pinpoint the very center of the city of seattle. before becoming chief surveyor for linehenge, gavin did stints with the Department of Defense and as a stand-up comedian. there is no question that he is the most centered person on our team. read more about gavin and the process of pinpointing the center of seattle here:

  • Thursday, August 03, 2006

    engineering and placement

    the prototype process continues. we have modified the specs to request more of a half-round shape and irregular top. the hope is that this will result in a more naturalistic feel for each stone. tom bykonen of perbyx-bykonen engineering has the design on his desk and is running calcs for the footing and joinery. the greatest challenge of the engineering process is designing a way for the sightline to be "dialed" into alignment at installation time. it appears that the first three stones will share the same footing. this foundation will also provide a concrete "apron" where kids and adults will stand to peer through the stones. this is designed to blend very well with the surrounding tall grasses and native plants. next week i am scheduled to review exact placement with the folks from MESA. more soon!